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Smart Phone Strategy for those with no Access to 'Net

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Smart Phone Strategy for those with no Access to 'Net

Postby kbot » December 23rd, 2012, 8:50 am

This is somewhat my situation/strategy for next year (2013)...

Well I changed my job to something that keeps me outside all day for a long days' work. I hardly get a chance to use my phone (boss in on my back pretty much all the time and I am busy also) but the positive thing is that my heart and muscles love the physical exercise/calorie burning for a change. This is a unfortanately a temporary thing, getting paid for what you pay to do at the gym, as there are some many more opportunities to make more money with so much little effort out there. Just takes a little bit of risk and a good proven accountant (not salesperson) whom I had the priviledge to meet not so long ago, but I have to be kind to my gym owner or boss.
After years of procrastinating or maybe waiting for improvements I got that smart phone eventually. Now lets hope there is another major crash soon in 2013 so I can plug in about 20k cash earning only the banks interest somewhere in a bank owned by the overseas owner. Else wise I am waiting for the sale of the government holdings in the energy sector.
I just read up an interview from Warren Buffett ( ... -inflation) which was quite criticised for not asking the hard questions, and where basically Warren said had he doesn't know about the outcome of something. In my opinion, I believe that you shouldn't get someone else to make your personal investment decisions. So the interview basically reinforces what I have read/learnt up some couple of years ago.
Anyway, I listen to the radio whenever possible to get a delayed market coverage.
Now with my smart phone, I can within 48 hours somewhat jump into the marketplace to buy shares. That's all I can do. Buy.

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